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Founder and Creative Director:

Eva Wambui

Eva Wambui brand was founded by pioneer and Kenya native Eva Wambui following her 15-year-long battle with leukemia. She built the EW Band with the goal of empowering fellow sufferers of the disease. Every handbag in her 1st collection represents a different chapter of her story, struggle, and her journey to survival. Immensely determined to overcome her illness, she now lives with even more purpose since starting her brand in 2020. Not only are all leather goods made in the East Africa Country of Kenya, but all materials are sourced from local shops and tanneries in Kenya as well. By manufacturing everything in Kenya, the Eva Wambui brand continues to employ a small network of professional Kenyan artisans who desire artisan work to care for their families. As Eva's own life continues to evolve, she can continue to bring manufacturing jobs to East Africa for the next generation to come. Inspired by energy, attitude, and confidence, Eva Wambui's principle of designing luxury handbags for the everyday woman is transforming quickly into a global luxury lifestyle brand.

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